COVINA (Founding Chapter)

Danny Martinez, Sr. aka Danny
Founder / President

Danny&DebbieI would like to share a little about myself, born and raised in California, I lived in Stockton till the age of nine then we moved to Baldwin Park, Ca where I grew up. Raised by two loving parents, along with 6 sisters and 2 older brothers, we all got along and me being the second to the last I was brought up just a little spoiled since I was the baby boy.

You see even though I had all this love, I still chose to live the life that many say they grew up with no one loving them at home. Well growing up in my neighborhood, with my friends just like many, I tried just about everything. Got in with the gangs, partied as much as I could, got into the drug scene. I got rebellious against my parents. Drinking till I could not think straight. You see as I kept living this life, I thought to myself is this all life has to offer. In my mind some of these things were cool and I thought I’m one cool vato,right? Wrong! I still felt empty like something was missing in my life. I was searching in all the wrong places, and trying all the wrong things to make me happy.

Till one day, driving to my favorite hamburger place I saw my friend walking with his niece, I stopped to give them a ride. Just then he started to share with me the word of God, he shared what Jesus had done in his life. He told me that Jesus loved me so much that he died on the cross for us, by him sharing this with me, I started to feel joy in my heart. But it was time to go, I gave him a ride back home, but I could not get enough of the word he was sharing with me. So I asked him to come over my house and read more and share more with me, that night we went to the drive-in movies, but instead I asked him to share more about Jesus. Ask me what the movie was about?? I don’t know.

Two days later I went to Calvary Chapel in Covina (Pastor Raul Ruiz) that day I gave my heart to Jesus, since that day there’s been a change in my life. That emptiness has been filled with his love and kindness. He has done so much in my life. He blessed me with my lovely wife, beautiful daughter, and good looking son and one handsome grandson. I hope that this testimony of my life helps those who are living this lifestyle today would ask Jesus into their heart.

Raymond Algorri – Vice President

As I was growing up in a catholic home we went to church on a regular basis. When I got married we seemed to drift away from going to church…I always felt like something was missing. When I was growing up I remembered often thinking there has to be more to life than being born, going to school until approximate 18 years old, get a job, work for 30+ years, retire and die. That’s if you were lucky enough to get that far. I always thought there had to more to our existence than that.

As time went on people I worked with began sharing their Christian faith with me telling me how God had delivered them from a destructive life style and put peace in their lives, etc. I told them I didn’t have a destructive life style and they would explain to me about how Christianity was not a religion but a relationship with Jesus Christ the son of God. They would tell me things like the only way to heaven was through the son of God that just being good would not get you there. They explained how you how you need to be born again and explained what all that meant.

Well like so many others I would think man I’m good enough and besides I like the way things are. I didn’t want to have to go to church and stop doing the things I liked to do. I realized now that those people were praying for me and that is what ultimately brought me to know the Lord as my personal Savior. As time went on we had brought a house in San Gabriel not knowing that people who lived next door where Christians. Of course God knew.

Well one day they came over and introduced themselves to us after we had been there for awhile and asked if we attended church. We explained to them that we were Catholics but had not been attending church on a regular basis. They explained that they were Christians and they attended a church in Covina and if we ever wanted to go let them know. My (late) wife and I would often talk about it and one day in October of 1983 we were watching TBN, Jimmy Swagger was preaching and when he gave the alter call my (late) wife and I accepted the Lord. I asked her to check with the neighbors and find out more about their church in Covina. We went with them one Sunday and have been attending ever since. The church in Covina is Community Christian Center and I have been attending there ever since. The neighbors were Rick and Kathy Hoover. They still attend Community Christian Center to this day.

Susan V. Algorri – Member

I had a 9 yr. cocaine habit. It started by doing a 1/4 gram on the weekend with friends. Within 3 years I was doing an 8 ball a day and I would be up 3 to 4 days without sleeping or eating. Then I met several people that would front me 1 ounce and I began to deal cocaine. I was arrested about 1 1/2 years into it and put on probation with testing, which I failed. I continued to sell and had a lot of money but I was to the point that I hated the drug,I hated myself, I hated my job and didn’t know what to do. My weight went down to 72 pounds. I looked like death. I was doing more cocaine that I was selling.

I knew a girl that came in the beauty salon where I worked, she sold Avon and I started cutting her hair. I never really told her about my life style. To this day I still cut her hair and how I was able to hold a steady job during this I will never know. One day I woke up and called her to see if she would go to breakfast with me. She said yes. When we were having breakfast I spilled my heart to her about everything I was doing. We sat there until almost 12 noon, I said we better leave or order lunch. She invited me to her home and as soon as we walked in the door she said Susie are you ready to except Jesus into your heart, I said yes. We prayed the sinner’s prayer and I was totally delivered from drugs and a foul mouth. I never went through any withdraws or rehab and never had a craving again. This was October 24, 1989 the day I was saved and the friend was Chris Wurst. She was woken up that morning by the Lord and he put me on her heart. She also had a bible for me, which I still have, 18 1/2 years later.

There is so much more I could share I did have to go to jail and a 1 year court process. This was done after I became a Christian. I knew I had to pay for what I had done. I also knew when I got out of jail and in jail I was free in Christ. I was clean from drugs 4 months before I did 9 months.