San Antonio, TX

screenshot_20190108-172348_snapchatMy name is Victor Eugene Mora, I was born mid-1988 and raised in the south side of San Antonio, Texas. You may know me as President of Forgiven Ministry car club or as CEO of Mora Photography Est early 2013.

I’ve been walking with the Lord since I was about 7 years old, not brought up in church but attended solo to a local Baptist church in the neighborhood I grew up in. I was a participant of the ministry of Nursing Home outreach, where we brought the word and sang hymns to the elderly. I was a product of a divorced household at 5 years old, and if you asked anybody who knew me as a child; they’d tell you I tended to get into lots trouble early on in my life.

At 3 years old I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and was put on Ritalin on a daily basis to cope with the disorder. My mother who had full custody after the divorce worked the night shift at a cabinetry warehouse from 6pm to 6 am, making it an empty home. In which made me afraid to be alone after a long time of the feeling of not having a family. In and out of the juvenile detention center and academy I was taught quickly about the violence that came with the territory of being in the environment of juvenile delinquents, and had to carry myself in a hard persona to be protected from other individuals.

By the age of 13yrs I was the initiating leader of a street gang and continued to live a rebellious lifestyle through all the various neighborhoods we moved into over the years that passed. This was also when I was introduced to marijuana. Which I struggled with all through high school and landed me at the age of 17 in the Bexar county adult detention center. In and out over the years I finally found myself at a crossroads and began to get in to a prayer study group during my incarceration. It was in this time that I felt almighty God was calling me back in to his will. Once I was released back in society, I found myself going back into old habits. I quickly grew tired of the street lifestyle and began to move into prayer about my daily situations.

I made known to God what I wanted for my new life, and if he would answer my prayers that I would live for him in his will. As time went on I came to meet my now wife, and we began a relationship that was at the time considered worldly. I soon learned that she was in actuality from the age of 13 raised a product of a Christian household.

With Godly morals, but had been left her home due to disagreements with her step relatives, and was now, unfortunately, living out of God’s will when she was hired at a Jack in the box establishment in late 2007. This is where we met and where I myself was a cashier. Being that I was from a broken home I felt a strong sense that something was missing in my life for a long time and found myself growing close to her quickly. Feeling the longing for companionship, I would soon become engaged and married.

After becoming a married young man at age 19 still struggling with the past lifestyle was brought to Bethel church which was the church in which my new wife was a previous member of. I began feeling once again called by God to turn from my lifestyle and become a new creation in Christ. It was in this time that I remembered the prayer that I made to God and realized that he had answered my prayer. Then I made the decision to die to my old life and become born again.

Taking part of a ceremony being baptized by water in the name of the Holy Trinity of God, The felling was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I no longer felt the burden of my past life and I was set free to live a new life in Christ.

As the years passed growing in my new spiritual life at the age of 27; I took a leap of faith to become a leader of one of the first active Ministry car clubs in the San Antonio area; by reaching out to the closest chapter of Forgiven Ministry car club in Dallas TX and also the founding chapter of Southern California, San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County. A ministry that I had learned about though a YouTube search of Christian lowriders prior to 2013. After a probationary time period I was welcomed into the Presidential position by the founding members of the Ministry. It was also in this time where I started practicing my skills as a photographer and soon after created my own entity of Mora Photography, a well-known part of the San Antonio lowrider community and surrounding custom car enthusiasts.

I have always given all the Honor and Glory to God first in all I do, and I know that without him none of what I do would be possible. A special thanks goes out to my wife and all the born again members of the family who supported my vision from the beginning; and also to the founding members of Forgiven Ministry car club for giving me the opportunity to exercise my ministerial work in the Lord through our chapter of the Ministry.