Olympia, WA

Omar Perez

I’ve been going to church most of my life. My mom has been a believer for many years so I grew up in the church. Growing up I had a fear of GOD, but no personal relationship living with no purpose.

At a young age I was mentally, physically, and emotionally abused and molested by my stepfather.  Some of these things I think may have or may not have affected other areas of my life. In my teens I went to live with my biological father and that’s where I started to drink a little, smoke a lot, and hang with the wrong crowd.

After a while I stopped those things, but I still struggled with depression many years after that which left me feeling hopelessness and despair. During that time I struggled with fear, being oppressed by people and I worried about what others thought and said.

Not until I was 20 years old GOD revealed his plan to me for my life through prophecy telling me about a wife I would have, being a demon slayer, and that he would take away my fear that was holding me down. PRAISE GOD every word GOD spoke has come true. GOD has answered my prayer to be apart of FORGIVEN to use it as a tool to reach lost souls.

I represent FORGIVEN because I forgave the one who wronged me with GOD and in my heart. I believe in forgiveness because GOD forgave us whether we have to forgive for the past, present, and future.